Goodbye Haley! May You Rest In Peace

Haley Cropper, the Coronation Street transsexual has been working at the soap since 1986 but has decided to call it a day. She ended her life by suicide due to incurable pancreatic cancer. Goodbye Haley!  May you rest in peace. We will surely miss you and all your positive input into the lives of Coronation Street characters.

Coronation Street Roy Cropper

MILLIONS of viewers tuned in to Coronation Street on Monday night as they bid a farewell to Hayley Cropper as she ended her own life.

But as the terminally ill character, played by Julie Hesmondhlagh, slipped away in the arms of her loving husband, it was clear to see that the worst was yet to come for a grieving Roy Cropper.

And in these most recent stills from the ITV soap, it certainly appears as though the devastating grief has already hit home for the loyal cafe owner.

Roy is spotted arriving at a local funeral home ready to collect his late wife’s ashes, but pausing outside the offices, it looks as though he’s finding it hard to muster up the courage to venture inside, to admit that she’s truly gone.

However, supportive pals Fiz and Chesney are just around the corner to help their friend come to terms with his loss.

The pair proceed to help him inside the G. Washbrook & Son Funeral Directors in what are sure to be scenes just as heartbreaking as her death.

Hayley’s much-loved character, on the ITV soap for 16 years, committed suicide with a cocktail of drugs in a right-to-die plot after being diagnosed with ­incurable pancreatic cancer.

Hayley came to the soap in 1998 to play the Street’s first transsexual. She won the hearts of the nation with her unlikely on-screen romance with cafe owner Roy, played by David Neilson.

The character was diagnosed with incurable cancer in the summer and has painstakingly planned her own death ever since. Last night, angry Roy pleaded with his wife to reconsider her decision.

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Goodbye Haley Cropper!  May you rest in peace.  However Roy Cropper is still around and will be grieving heavily over the next few weeks if not months. We expect him to pull through but not until he falls to the depths of his despair.  Lets see what happens on Coronation Street in the next several weeks.