Good Morning Britain Slows Ratings Drop

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Good Morning Britain’s ratings continue to drop, but at a much lower pace, since Susanna Reid took over this week. ITV bosses are scurrying trying to figure out what went wrong. At least the ratings drop is slowing. Is there anything they can do to get viewers back?

Good Morning Britain

ITV’s new breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, has managed to slow the drop in ratings as the week goes on but is still failing to rival BBC Breakfast.

On Monday, the programme – fronted by presenter Susanna Reid – launched with 800,000 viewers, easily beating Daybreak’s average 600,000.

But by Tuesday, 60k had already switched off, seeing the average audience drop to an average 740,000.

Going into the second half of the week, things got even worse, with the show shedding nearly 200,000 viewers by Wednesday.


Good Morning Britain ratings

MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayDay0100,000200,000300,000400,000500,000600,000700,000800,000900,000Viewing figures


The third show of the week crashed to an average audience of 640,000, a drop of 100k in just one day.

However, Thursday’s figures show the programme rose again to a steady 740,000 viewers, with audiences numbers seeming to settle.

More worrying for show bosses though, is that it seems the ITV viewers are switching over to BBC Breakfast.

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Good Morning Britain is still in trouble as BBC’s Breakfast Show takes over the morning audience. Susanna Reid thought she’d turn things around for the troubled show but it looks like they need a format change or something. How do you like Good Morning Britain?

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