Good Morning Britain or Good Try Britain?

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Good Morning Britain got off on a rough start today according to critics across the spectrum. The Daybreak makeover seems to be seriously lacking relative content as well as enjoyable presenters. Amid all the hoopla that surrounded the launch, Susanna Reid was confident she’d be able to turn the show around. Not so say most people who watched it this morning — or or we judging too soon?

Good Morning Britain

ITV’s new breakfast show Good Morning Britain launched today, replacing Daybreak and its presenters with a new set, a new format and a new hosting foursome in the shape of Susanna ReidBen ShephardCharlotte Hawkins and Sean Fletcher.

So how did it stack up against its predecessor? What about Susanna’s former show, BBC Breakfast? Was there something familiar about the new set and format, possibly from across the pond? And what about those on-screen graphics? users came, saw and gave their verdicts…

Good Morning Britain v Daybreak

Margot. No…sorry did not like it. Bring back Daybreak please with the ones that we have come to love or for me…BBC will win the morning news..

ShirleyHutchinson Same poor content – different wrapper – that’s all. What a waste of money! Still don’t understand all this “Celebrity” tittle tattle – Ross King in the States – just inane and totally unnecessary – who cares what 1D are up to. This programme is never going to be taken seriously.

Ali H Well it’s not what it used to be but sometimes that’s a good thing…. A change can be nice and we do need to give new talent a look in. I do miss the casual relaxing Daybreak with some great characters, as in a morning i want to feel a nice cosy relaxed start to my day..

Vee Small Seriously do not know what they are thinking you know the saying “IF IT’S NOT BROKE DON’T FIX IT” well this needs to applied to Good Morning Britain I absolutely hate it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK Aled and Lorraine that was the right mix this bunch of twits is not working and I for one will not be watching any longer.

Christine Horton I hate the new show!! where are the real characters that made Breakfast TV? I will miss Aled and Lorraine. The presenters are all young and lacking greatly in personality and fun and what about the older people who watch breakfast TV who will switch off immediately! I will not be watching it from now on and am greatly disappointed with ITV!

Rowena Hulme-charlesworth complete rubbish ….hate it …bring back Aled n Lorraine ..and who the hell wants ID drawling on about their music ….absolutely awfull

Elaine Benton Just turned on and what a mess visually. Too many people and all that rubbish on the desk. At first I thought it was the SKY news set up! LEAVE THINGS ALONE! Bye Bye, looks like it’s back again to BBC. Shame. It used to be lovely having the “”natter and chatter” in my house over breakfast from the Daybreak “friends”. ITV you’ve cocked up again!!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Good Morning Britain didn’t get the rave reviews it wanted this morning, but it’s only a day old. Let’s see what adjustments they make as they try to capture the UK viewing audience. Is it Good Morning Britain, or Good Try Britain?  You decide.

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