Geoff’s psychological abuse on Yasmeen continues…

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Back on the cobbles of Coronation Street, Geoff is continuing to cause anguish for Yasmeen just before they are setting off on holiday together.  For quite a while now, we have seen Geoff’s dominating behaviour towards Yasmeen, yet he continually manages to twist what is going on, to ensure he is never to blame. Next week, we will once again see him twisting the truth when he says that it is actually Yasmeen who is being controlling. 

Geoff, played by Ian Bartholomew, is actually psychologically controlling Yasmeen, and therefore causing a sort of abuse towards her, that has been going on for some time now. How he does this, is that he very slowly but constantly, over time, ends to find some sort of fault within Yasmeen’s behaviour.  He then exposes that and exaggerates it to make it seem a lot worse than it is, if it even is a fault at all!

Geoff and Yasmeen are meant to be heading off on a romantic break together. It is quite a fantastic break, planned for the two of them to fly out to Las Vegas. 

However things may not go to plan, as Yasmeen had actually found out that Geoff had been looking at an online dating site and had asked him about what he was doing.  Geoff got defensive and said it was research for one of his radio shows, however he twists the incident to make it seems like Yasmeen doesn’t trust him, and their trip is off!

Will Geoff continue to make Yasmeen’s life hell, as they Yasmeen finally convinces Geoff they should still go on the holiday!

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