General Knowledge Quiz – Test How Much You Know With Our Quizzes

Love a good quiz? Think you can beat The Chaser or Millionaire? Have you got great general knowledge or know everything about geography, history, music or cars? Think you can take on a film or movie quiz? Why not test your know-all with one of the quizzes below and see how many questions you can get right first time?

Pop quizzes, TV quizzes, celebrity quizzes and many more brain puzzles await. You can binge thorough them, see how quickly or accurately you answer the questions and view your score at the end. Newest quizzes are at the top!

A few popular quizzes

From soaps and talent shows to gameshows…here are a few of our popular quizzes;

Strictly Come Dancing Quiz




Watch this space for more quizzes!

General knowledge quiz, TV quizzes and moreEvery week we’ll add new quizzes to keep you entertained. From your favourite television shows to movies, general knowledge quizzes to music, animals and geography…if you keep playing them we’ll keep adding them!

How smart are you?

How smart are you? Many people think that having a high IQ qualifies them as being intellectual and clever, but there is more to it than that. General knowledge is one of the things that can really impress, especially at a pub quiz. Trust me, you don’t want to be the dumbass that doesn’t even know who Lance Armstrong is.

Now, in all fairness, it is not possible to know everything about everything. In this age of the internet though, there are several things that you should be able to shoot off the top of your head.

Think you’re smart? Try out our general knowledge quiz and test yourself against how much you know.

Geography Quiz

If there’s one general knowledge subject you should know about, it’s Geography. The earth doesn’t just get up in the morning and decide to create another river or mountain. If you took it seriously in school, there’s a pretty good chance you ace this one. Don’t expect it to be easy though, there’s a lot you do not know about the earth!

Animals & Nature Quiz

Everyone I know is an animal lover, which is admirable. I love all furry creatures, but it is one thing to love them and another to know about them.

With all the many species we have on earth today, our animals quizzes are going to be hard, you’ll neeg good general knowledge and a deep dive. But come on, don’t give so easily. Give it a go.

History Quiz

The favourite topic of every intellectual. Or perhaps the second, after classical music. Either way, history is huge and filled with controversy. It is said that if you know where you are coming from, there are no limitations to where you can go. Take our history quizzes and see where you stand.

Music Quiz

Most people know a bit about music and a good deal more about the genre they love. What sets you apart from these commoners is knowing more, across the board and the ages. Whilst you don’t have to be a musician, knowing about music will certainly help. A little fun music fact dropped here and there is a great ice breaker. But first, let us see how you will do in one of our music quizzes.

Pub Quiz

There is nothing like a good UK pub quiz to keep things interesting when the beer is flowing. Plus we all know that drink has a way of loosening up those tongues. A good pub quiz will cover any topic, from the mundane to the profane. So, we’ll make this a wild card quiz so that you don’t know what you’re getting until you get it.

Come on peopl, let’s see how much a few mugs of ale jogs your memory … or your imagination.

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