Gary Lineker lands new role at ITV

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Renowned British presenter Gary Lineker will soon have his face on eve more screens as he finalises a contract with ITV to begin presenting a new quiz show on the British channel next autumn.


Gary Lineker’s initially fame was built on his sporting ability. He’s most well-known for playing a striker for England and Tottenham Hotspur and England football teams. He is also the last Englishman to have played for Barcelona Football Club.


More recently, he’s become the face of legendary BBC football show match of the day, which shows highlights of each week’s Premier League games. He also works for BT, doing coverage for European Champions League matches.


Lineker was recently involved with controversy after people pointed at the size of his pay packet when it was announced that TV licence fees would be reinstated on elderly viewers. Lineker is currently the BBC’s highest-paid star, and he now takes home £1.75 million, although he used to pocket even more before he accepted a pay cut to lessen anger.

He’s more than making up for it with his new show, aptly titled Sitting on A Fortune. The new gig will be a departure from what viewers are used to seeing Gary do. Sitting on A Fortune will be a quiz show in which contestants can win life-changing amounts of money by answering questions under pressure.

Whilst Gary is beloved in the football community, we’re yet to see if his pitchside charm will be transferable to a new arena.

Some have complained that Gary has decided to also work at another broadcaster considering how much he makes at the BBC, but his contract has no problem with it.

Filming for the new show starts next week in Manchester.

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