Gary Barlow isn’t fazed by having only one act left in ITV’s X Factor

Gary Barlow
Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow still hopes to win the competition but even if his act doesn’t pull through he isn’t worried

Gary Barlow has pointed out what  to be fair though may be misinterpreted as a bitter outcry at how badly he seems to be doing in this year’s X Factor competition is in fact, well, a fact.

Barlow has claimed that it is actually those acts who DON’T go on to win the prestigious X Factor competition prize –a record contract and £100,000 who end up faring better in the industry for years to come.

It’s a valid point if we look at previous winners and the runners up pop acts such as Cher Lloyd and global sensation One Direction-they have certainly proved that not winning the X Factor doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your career in show business.

Gary has become increasingly frustrated with the process in this series of X Factor taking it upon himself to constantly remind viewers at home that fundamentally the programme is a singing competition rather than a popularity contest. However this doesn’t seem to make a difference as we have seen surprisingly talented acts such as Abi Alton who was voted off the competition last week, fall by the wayside in favour of the more charismatic acts who may in reality only have mediocre singing talent.

Barlow claims he will leave the X Factor for good after this series is over describing the programme as a ‘game show.’ In an interview with BBC Radio 4 he expressed his dismay at the way the voting had gone during this series particularly the controversy over Tamera Foster who, though still in the current competition, found herself in the bottom two in week four. At the time Gary was clearly outraged but has since become more philosophical saying:

“I kind of hope she doesn’t win. Because I think she’d be better as a second or third, moving forward into next year.”

If the success of previous X Factor runners up One Direction and JLS are anything to go by, then Gary is probably right.  He put it down to the immediate pressure that is placed on the winner after the competition is over, and the expectancy from audiences who have watched the show to produce a hit single fast. Runners up in the competition can shun the limelight for a while and work quietly on a single and album releasing it a year or so down the line where then they have a better chance of being respected as an artist in their own right.

Still it doesn’t seem that Gary’s attitude has quite rubbed off on the X Factor hopefuls this year, and as we go into week six the competition for the X Factor crown is getting fiercer than ever.

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