Gareth Gates Stumbles while Dancing on Ice

Judges penalized Gateth Gates for stumbligg while Dancing on Ice this last Sunday.  He was already at the bottom of the leaderboard after the first week’s competition, and his stumbble didn’t help.  This week Gareth is in danger of being voted out altogether.


He landed himself at the bottom of the leaderboard in the opening show of 2014’s Dancing On Ice, and this week he was determined to prove he was a contender in the competition. But unfortunately, Gareth Gates failed to impress the judges again with his second performance of the series.

After taking a small tumble at the start of the routine, Gareth got himself a 7 from Robin, a 7 from Karen, a 6.5 from Ashley and a rather harsh 4.5 from Jason.

Jason defended his score by saying, ‘You still are on the forgettable side of playing it safe. You’re not upping your game.’ Ashley added, ‘It’s a tough competition so you’ve got to up your game.’

Karen was slightly more positive about Gareth’s performance, telling him, ‘You are improving.’

Although he admitted that 4.5 was a bit low, Gareth took his negative feedback pretty well. He said, ‘We’ll have to work harder.’


Gareth Gates is in trouble at Dancing on Ice but he’s committed to try harder next week. Will he miss the cutting axe? Will the public be forgiving? I predict he’ll be out within 2 shows… let’s see what happens!