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Free Stuff UK : Several Websites

Competitions are one thing, but another source of potential income and money saving is free samples and offers.After visiting I was very disappointed to see the kind of website which I have visited about Free Stuff UK. The website I am talking about was the site I saw in, which was featuring all Freebies UK and all these Latest Free Stuff. Because I have  to say it is one of the worst websites I have ever spent time on. The site is filled with spam. Nearly all of the links did not work and the ones that did were website that asked for all of your personal information to enter a contest. The fine print on` these sites said that your information would be used for the purpose of carrying out research which led me to assume that they share personal information of the people hoping to win the contest. These few links on the site that actually were working also did not go directly to a webpage from the original site, they were redirected through several site before finally finding the right page. I did not stay on this site long due to it having no freebies samples uk to offer.
free stuff ukThe next site I checked out was This site was not as bad as the other one but it wasn’t much better. There are no actual free things and latest free stuff on the site besides games and there are not that many games. They name several expensive items that they say are free but all that is free is a contest entry which may or may not just be there to gather your information to send spam to. I once again left this site quickly and moved on. I was much happier with what I found.

The third site I tried was Unlike the other sites, this site actually does offer freebies uk. They had a few free items and then some deals for casinos that they claimed were exclusive to their site. This site is nothing to rave about but it is a quality site that does offer some deals that could be worth it for the appropriate person.

Free Stuff UK : The Revelation

One thing all of the free stuff UK sites I have visited have in common is they all have a heavy presence of gambling sites with bonus offers. Most of these gambling sites have several different types of scratch ticket and bingo games that people seem to really like and enjoy.

I decided to try one last free stuff UK site and that site was I only spent about five minutes on this site because I just didn’t understand it. It looked like it might be a nice sight but all of the links of the site were bogus. For example, one link that was for a free sample item took me to Another link that was for hdmi cables took me a completely unrelated website. Free Stuff UK and Free Samples UK can certainly be found in the UK but don’t expect it to come easy.

Free stuff is becoming less and less available because of the cost of posting, which has doubled in the past few years. Competitions are a much more popular means of promotion these days.

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