Former chancellor George Osbourne gate-crashes recording of Celebrity X Factor

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This season’s outing of X Factor has more star power than usual, thanks to the new Celebrity format that’s been rolled out with stars from all walks of life. Although the contestants hail from many walks of life, including sport, TV, and internet fame, we weren’t treated to any politician contestants. However, on Tuesday, someone with arguably more power than all of them turned up on set as the X Factor camera crew recreated a scene from 2003 rom-com flick Love Actually.

X Factor judge Louis Walsh and contestant Olivia Walsh – who was a child star in the movie – were unknowingly recording a scene on the same road that the Conservative currently lives on. The original version of the film had Hugh Grant playing the role of British Prime Minister. Although it might seem like Osbourne could fit this role perfectly for the recreation, there’s unfortunately been no news yet of him getting a chance to show off his acting skills.

The politician could certainly add some star power to the show and Louis reportedly told the Mirror that “George could always join the celeb line-up”. Although this seems unlikely going forward, viewers have already been treated to surprises on this year’s outing. Most dramatically, pro quizzer Jenny Ryan surprised fans with her great vocal abilities, before almost being cut from the show and then scraping her way back in. Vinnie Jones looks set to join the ride too after dealing with some emotional family problems.

It seems like George is going to miss out on one wild roller coaster. Luckily for the rest of us, there’s plenty of drama to go around as is!

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