First Eviction in ITV’s I’m a Celebrity 2013

annabel giles
annabel giles

The tension in the camp was almost unbearable in Sunday night’s show –and Annabel Giles is the first celebrity to go.

Well someone has always got to be the first to go in reality TV shows, and unfortunately for Annabel Giles, she was it.

After an exciting couple of weeks of highs and lows it seems that Annabel was doing little to amuse or impress campmates and viewers alike and the dream of being crowned queen of the jungle has slipped through her fingers.

Ironically Annabel was the last celebrity to enter the camp and as she walked the rickety bridge dubbed ‘the bridge to freedom’ she claimed she felt like ‘the most unpopular girl at school.’ Was it that viewers simply hadn’t had enough time to warm to her? We are not convinced. On leaving Annabel couldn’t resist having a pop at some of her fellow campmates, particularly stunning model Amy Willerton whom she branded as fake claiming she was simply ‘playing a game.’


However she is not the only celebrity in the camp to be disparaging about the others, in fact it seems at the moment on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here that everyone finds everyone else annoying! Oh dear! But it does make for good viewing figures after all! It seems everyone has taken a paranoid pill with lots of whispering and secret conversations, everyone thinks other people are talking about them, and what do they do to combat this? Talk about everyone else -just to preempt it of course!

Yes it seems we may see the whole camp fall apart at this rate with blazing rows sparked over no less than an  illegal concealer being snuck into the camp (yes we are talking about you Amy, naughty girl!) and the humble digestive biscuit being eaten as though it was caviar from the Gods themselves!

Still the more they go completely mental the better it is for us at home. We particularly enjoy it when they are being ‘honest’ about their feelings towards each other which they did on the final night before the evictions with Alfonso managing to bring tears to Vincent’s eyes as he claimed he brought ‘light and laughter’ into the camp.


How nice.


The girls however couldn’t resist letting loose and paid each other some veiled compliments which we think loosely translated as ‘I hate you.’

Well it’s one down and with many more weeks to look forward to long may the madness continue!

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