Fires threaten to disrupt I’m a Celeb

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This week should be an exciting one for I’m a Celeb fans, as the star-studded lineup up arrive in Australia for filming.

Before things have even managed to get underway though, there’s been a worry that disruption is on its way, even before the first episode has aired!

Australia is dealing with a severe bushfire problem at the moments. There are dozens currently blazing in the hot country. The closest one to the celebs is only 30km away. This might sound far, but the fires can move devastatingly fast if the conditions are right.

The show’s bosses have said that they’re monitoring the situation and are ready to take the necessary steps to keep everyone safe. If the fire starts heading towards them quickly, there is supposedly a plan in place to get everyone to a safe space quickly and efficiently.

Sadly, 3 people have already died from the fire which started on the 7th of November. It’s going to be important to keep stay alert for the safety of everyone in the jungle.

There is one way that the show is almost guaranteed to be disrupted. The New South Wales government have implemented a fire ban. One of the iconic pieces of the show is the fire used by the competitors to do basic tasks like cook and keep warm. We’re yet to find out how this news will affect the show. They might be able to get special permission if they take precautions. Considering the hot, dry weather and the proximity of the bushfires though, this could be a long shot.

If not, we might be seeing the first season where things are made easier for the contestants by having food and warmth provided. Viewers love to see the struggle though, so hopefully, the organisers will work a compromise challenge out!

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