Neighbours spoiler: Finn and Elly hear some disturbing news, but whats the outcome?

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Disaster is about to strike for Shaun, and Ella is left devastated.

Finn was looking forward to Shaun returning, however he got into a fight with Bea about Scarlett, and it altered his focus away from his brother returning. Finn is rightly so, concerned that Scarlett is dangerous and that Bea is getting herself into a situation that could be dangerous.

In the midst of the argument, Finns attention is turned back to his brother. He tries to get hold of him, but with no avail. His whole world is flipped upside down when he gets a phone-call. He finds out that there has been an avalanche in Switzerland, and that his brother Shaun is missing.

He lets Elly know whats happened, and is surprised by her, when she stays hopeful that he’s ok. However it doesn’t last long, and he becomes angry at her at not being able to face the truth about what has happened. They then find out that 3 bodies have been found, but they don’t know if Shaun is one of them.

Elly continues to clutch onto the hope that Shaun is still alive. She is ever hopeful as she doesnt want her baby to grow up without a father. What will be the news about Shaun?

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