Ethan Hardy has some huge storylines ahead of him!

Ethan has experienced a lot of drama, both in his love life, his health and his work-life in the past. He as been given a break recently from all the drama, but like all good things in Casualty, it never quite lasts! His love-life had a lot of ups and downs with his work colleague and true love Alicia leaving. Next week we will see Ethan in a very dramatic episode when he attends a major incident in the town centre. A lorry gets driven into the market, and Ethan races to help the injured party, but becomes embroiled in a dilemma, when he finds out there is a possible second bomb on site. This is just the start of all the action for Ethan.

George Rainsford who plays Ethan, said that he has enjoyed the quiet time on screen, but now he’s looking forward to being thrown into more action packed scenes.  He said “There’s lots of enjoyable stuff that we’ve been filming, and I’ve been told that there are some good stories that are coming in. So yeah, I’m very happy.”

We’ll see the new season of Casualty kick off this Saturday 17th August!

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