Ethan gets closer to Effie, and Duffy tries to help a patient

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This week on Casualty, Ethan is getting closer to Effie who he has been helping to try to get on the medical trial for her condition. Effie knows that they are getting closer, so she tries to persuade him to take the day off and spend some time with her. He’e feeling tempted to do so, but has to sneak past Dylan to do it.

Archie might also be getting into trouble as we last saw her involved in a case with a young man who had thrown acid over his old teacher, who we found out abused other kids when he was young. The young man came back for revenge, but got taken away by the Police before he could get revenge or run away. We then suspect that Archie took revenge for him, by throwing acid over the teachers prized possession, his car. However now she may be found out, as he is demanding CCTV footage of who threw the acid. This could put Archies career at risk, but will a new found friend, Will, come to her rescue and manage to hide that Archie had done it.

We’ll also see Duffy try to help a patient brought in by Will, who he found with her hand trapped in a car door. Duffy tries her best to help the women, but ends up making a shock discovery…

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