Ending of Splash! Rides on Tidal Wave of Change

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Splash! is over because of it’s severe drop in viewer ratings, and ITV is looking for a completely different format to fill the void. Shows like Splash! and Dancing on Ice are so commonplace now that the public is bored with them. ITV bosses are brainstorming to find that next elusive mass-appeal entertainment show. How creative will they be? We’ll have to wait and see.


Britain’s ITV network has signalled that Splash!, its recently-cancelled celebrity diving show with Olympic bronze medallist Tom Daley, will be the last show of its kind on the network.

ITV, which is the UK’s biggest commercial TV channel, yesterday held its regular ‘Producers’ Forum’. Its commissioning chiefs gather independent production companies together, and tell them what kinds of shows ITV is looking for in the coming months.

Elaine Bedell, ITV’s head of entertainment and comedy commissioning, said that she remained very proud of Splash! – despite the fact that the show’s second series, which aired at the beginning of this year, suffered a sharp drop in ratings due to competition from BBC One’s The Voice UK. (An American version of the series aired for one season last year on ABC.)

Bedell said, however, that there are now a number of celebrity-meets-Olympic shows on other channels, and that ITV is therefore no longer in the market for them. (It’s possible that she was referring to Channel 4′s abysmal The Jump, which had celebrities doing winter Olympic sports, and BBC One’s upcomingTumble, which will feature gymnastics.)

Also this winter, ITV said goodbye to its long-running Dancing on Ice, which was like Dancing with the Stars except with the celebrities learning the winter Olympic sport of ice dancing. Seasoned media watchers in the UK still remember ITV’s 2005 disaster Celebrity Wrestling, and Channel 4 has also broadcast The Games, a celebrity track-and-field format.

Because Splash! and Dancing on Ice were the same kind of show, because they aired at the same time of year, and because Bedell has now said she wants something new, ITV’s winter schedule is bound to look very different in 2015 – particularly in the crucial Saturday and Sunday night entertainment battleground, where ITV fights so hard with the BBC.

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Splash! is the last show of its kind, at least for a while, on ITV. Both it and Dancing on Ice are too commonplace nowadays and ITV is looking for something crowd-exciting and new to fill the void. What will they find?d Let us know what you’d like to see in those time slots.

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