Emmerdale star exit – Debbie Dingle leaves the village and Zak shares a kiss with Faith!

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Coming up next week on Emmerdale, we’re going to see one of the major Emmerdale character, Debbie Dingle, leave the village for a while. This is due to the fact that she has given birth in reality. This will be Charley Webbs third child, and will be off on maternity leave. To facilitate this leave, Emmerdale have wrote into the scripts that Debbie is considering a move to Scotland to take on a garage left to her in the late Lisa Dingles Will We will see her next week having a heart-to-heart with Charity  played by Emma Watkins.

Debbie Dingle is leaving the show for a while, whilst on maternity leave

Emma wrote on her instagram “We’re in a bubble of newbornness heaven.”

Elsewhere on Emmerdale, we will see another long standing character Zak Dingle played by Steve Halliwell, share a kiss with Faith, played by Sally Dexter.  This is quite soon after the tragic death of his wife Lisa, earlier in the year. It happened when they were having some fun, chatting to each other, and the romance of the moment sparked something in them, and they ended up sharing a kiss. However Zak quickly feels guilty about it and ends up running out on Faith. Zak wants to tell his family, but an understanding Faith suggests they talk it through first in The Woolpack Cellar.

Bear Wolf comes into the cellar, so Zak and Faith hide, however the two end up getting soaked by a loose beer hose, which also then shorts the power upstairs after soaking the fuse box.

Will Faith and Zaks kiss be revealed to the family…

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