Emmerdale news of death and drugs – 2020 spoilers

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As Emmerdale enters 2020, Moira Dingle’s drinking spirals out of control, leaving her knocked out in a ditch. But the big question is, is she dead? Meanwhile, Danny tries to persuade Sarah to deal hard drugs, but will she give in? Graham Foster has not been a popular man over the Christmas period and is murdered. But who done it?

With Moira left in a ditch in the freezing cold, unconscious and soon to be dehydrated, 2020 kicks of in true Emmerdale style. After having an affair with farmhand, Nate, Moira’s husband Cain found out about her infidelity and she hit the bottle. Could this be the end or a new beginning?

Manipulative Danny continues his work on Sarah, convincing her that he is in big trouble with gangland drug dealers for loosing a stash. He begs her to help him by dealing drugs for him and it looks like she’s pretty close to agreeing.

Graham Foster was central to Christmas mayhem for many families in the village, from breaking up relationships to drug overdoses. Anyone could be out for blood, most obviously, Kim Tate however it seems someone else could be the real killer. Our money is on Charity!

Watch out in January to find out what happens as the drama unfolds and all is revealed.

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