Emmerdale dramatic one hour episode, sees Moses gets kidnapped!

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Emmerdale are lining up a one hour special for us next week.

But first, we will see some heartache as we will find out the truth that Charity was involved in the heist along with Mandy, as they stole casino chips. Charity ends up having to do some explaining as Vinny reveals all to Vanessa, telling her that Charity was also involved in the scam to ge the casino chips. This leaves Vanessa devastated, and she says she has had enough of the lies and so she ends her relationship with Charity. Tracy support Vanessa through her breakup.

Elsewhere we see a newcomer called Sean come in to the Dales and head straight for Cain who he knows is a member of the gang.
We will then see Aaron and Cains plans go wrong, as Sean ends up kidnapping Moses, which prompts both of them to quickly try and sort it out. On top of what has just happened with Charity, she is now furious at both Aaron and Cain, and turns down an apology from Aaron about what happened. Chas tries to defend Aaron, however Charity ends up lashing out at her as well.

Elsewhere, Laurel is trying to play peacemaker between Jimmy and Jai for recent events with Archie.

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