Emmerdale Autumn spoilers on Emmerdale Part 1

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Here’s a round-up of the Emmerdale Autumn spoilers coming up! We’ll see some major exits, as well as some familiar faces back on the scene.

As we reported last week, we’ll see Robert Sudgen plat out his last scenes on the show. We don’t know however, will he be exiting alive! He is currently awaiting to hear the outcome of his attack on Lee. We will see this hit his partner Aaron very hard, as he struggles to deal with whats happening to Robert.

The funeral will also take place of Frank, who ended up dying in the factory fire. Nobody really knows why he went back into the fire, which leaves a lot of people thinking the worse of him, but will Megan find out what really happened and clear his name, before she leaves. 

Meanwhile the real firestarters, Kerry and Amy are struggling to hold it together because of their guilt, that they really started the fire.  If the truth emerges, it could destroy everything.

Kim Tate is involved in more drama, as she has ripped off Sharmas, and she now has big plans for the land that she has obtained.  She wants to create a big outdoor adventure centre, with the help of an associate from Dubai, who soon enters the scene to cause more trouble.This leaves Graham feeling a bit left out, and Jai also feels like his role is a lot less than he thought, so he is not happy.

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