Emma Bunton Graces ITV Studios

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Emma Bunton is up to something at ITV studios. She was seen entering the facility this week as onlookers caught a glimpse.  Emma was quick to turn and wave with that beautiful friendly smile.  And we know what she’s up to — she’s a judge on the Your Face Sounds Familiar series.  I’m looking forward to this!

Emma Bunton

The Spice Girl formerly known as ‘Baby Spice’, Emma Bunton was looking more like ‘Posh Spice’ today when she was spotted leaving ITV studios after appearing on ‘This Morning’ today.  The singer looked simply fabulous in her printed dress, leather jacket and amazing pink heels!

Emma recently signed on to become a TV judge, much like her fellow bandmate Mel B.  Emma will be judging on a new UK show called Your Face Sounds Familiar and she says she’s going to be a ‘nice judge’.  She spoke to The Sun and said

“Being nasty is not fun — viewers are sick of people not being very nice to each other. It is about enjoying the acts.

“I am going to be fair. I know what it feels like to be in an audition and I want to pick up on the positive side.

“But I am not very good at lying and so I am sure my face will tell you the story!”

Read more at: http://imnotobsessed.com/2013/06/27/emma-bunton-posh-itv-studios/emma-bunton-leaves-itv-studios/

As Emma Bunton gets in gear to judge Your Face Sounds Familiar, I wonder what he rest of the Spice Girls are doing.  Emma promises to be a “nice judge,” no doubt a reflection on Simon Cowell’s “not so nice” judging antics.  It’s good to have a nice girl around, isn’t it?

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