Elly and Chloe enjoy a romantic first date, but will everyone be happy-ever-after?

Scenes airing in next week’s Neighbours, involve Elly Conway played by Jodi Anasta, and Chloe Brennan, played by April Rose. The two girls are finally about to go on their first date, but will everything go as planned?

Chloe was tip-toeing around her feelings, but now she has just decided to go with it, and invited Elly on a really romantic date.

Elly is initially shocked by Chloe that they should give their relationship a chance, but before even getting a chance to think about it, she is distracted by a big work drama.  A parent at the school Elly teaches at, takes a disliking to her, and calls Elly an irresponsible teacher, making Elly feel she should maybe resign. However she gets overwhelming support from Kirsha and her own daughter, which makes her feel fantastic so she heads straight to Chloe and accepts the request of a date.

Meanwhile, whilst working close together at a music festival, Pierce wonders why Chloe seems quite cold towards him. He finds out she now has her sights set on someone else. He is quite taken aback to find out that someone else, is Elly. 

Elly’s brother Aaron, is concerned about his sister, worried that she is testing her new found sexuality on Chloe, leaving Chloe amazed.

The girls date ends up being very romantic. Ellen is at odds over what it all means, but a supportive Chloe lets her know she doesn’t need to worry or label what it is between them. This honesty sparks something between the women who then share a kiss. How will their relationship progress?

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