Eastenders Teegan tie the knot!

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Finally! Despite the relatively short time Keegan and Tiffany have been a couple, the build-up to their wedding has built up to some serious drama. Last night, we finally got to see them tie the knot.

Tiffany has had a particularly tough time on the show and fans will be relieved to see her get her own slice of happiness. Maisie Smith, who plays Tiffany warned viewers that she “highly doubts that it is just going to be happiness for the rest of my time on the show.”

Just getting the ceremony underway was hard enough, with the couple eloping and their families hot on their heels. Both sets of families were shocked when they were told of the plans and set off behind the young couple intent to stop them from doing what they were sure was a mistake.

Luckily, when Karen and Sonia tried to convince them at the venue that they were not making the right choice, Keegan stepped in. His heart-warming proclamation had everyone at home as well as Karen and Sonia truly moved.

The spontaneous duo should count their blessings that Karen took what Keegan said to heart. When the registrar told them that they’d missed their slot and wouldn’t be able to get married, it looked like all the drama had been for nothing. Karen’s energy had become positive though, and she used it to make sure everything went through.

With Keegan’s impending prison sentence time really wasn’t on their side and so his speech really saved the day. He’ll be missed whilst behind bars, although he’ll have to work on his temper, however much Ian Beale taunts him.

At least we get to see ‘Teegan’ together now. They fought for it, and it’s hard not to be happy for them.


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