Eastenders’ Sonia responds to blackmail by stealing from Dot

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Sonia Fowler has started to fall down a spiral to deal with the blackmail that Martin’s victim, George, has threatened her with.

George has been in a coma until recently, and so Martin’s dark secret has been kept relatively safe. Upon hearing the news of George’s recovery from the hospital that Sonia works at, she was initially excited. Her logic was that this result meant Martin wasn’t going to get locked up for murder.

However, upon telling Martin Fowler the news he immediately expressed concern that George might remember what had happened to him.

Sonia made sure that she was on shift at the right times, thinking she’d get a step ahead and gauge George’s situation before he had a chance to talk to the police.

George quickly seemed to get to grips with his memories of the dramatic event with Martin. Not long after that, he worked out why Sonia had come in to replace the nurse originally looking after him.

Spotting an opportunity, he confronted Sonia and demanded £10,000 from her to keep quiet and refrain from talking to the police.

Viewers have now just seen George get impatient for the money, threatening to “get myself a lawyer” before involving the police. Sonia could initially only muster up £2,000 to offer him, having initially telling George that she didn’t have access to his original asking sum.

He was having none of it though and agreed to give Sonia a little more time.

Growing desperate, she initially distracted herself by having some fun with Martin, but reality soon demanded action.

Desperate to meet George’s blackmail demands and save Martin, Sonia made a shocking choice rather than tell Martin.

Getting hold of Dot’s chequebook and telling her to visit Charlie, Sonia wrote herself a cheque for £8,000. Over Christmas, she’d also tried to steal from her step-grandmother, only getting away with it by telling Dot that hackers were responsible.

With Dot now having to manage Martin’s lie as well as this one, will she have too much to handle and eventually be caught out?

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