Eastenders: Phil finds out Sharon’s secret

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Walton is about to go up in flames, as Phil finally realised that his wife has been keeping huge secrets from him. After months of thinking that Sharon was happily carrying his child, he’s now stumbled onto the fact that the baby is not his, but Keanu’s.

It’s not an Eastenders Christmas without an angry Phil, but this time around he might end up taking things a step further. Now that we now THE ACTOR who plays Keanu is about to leave the show, we’re worried that the character’s exit will be at the hands of the legendary hard man.

The way things unravelled for Sharon probably wouldn’t have been predicted by many. Phil’s suspicions were raised when he asked his stepson Dennis about the parents evening Sharon said she’d taken him to. Dennis said it had never happened and so when Phil asked her again about the parents evening he saw through her when she maintained her lie. Further investigating why she’d concoct such a story, Phil proceeded to check her SatNav to see where she’d really been during the time parents evening was meant to be on.

Seeing that she’d been to the clinic without telling him, Phil stormed to The Victoria to discuss the revelation with his son Ben. The pair became heated and Ben said to his father that Keanu “won’t outlive Christmas”.

People are used to seeing Phil getting into heated situations, but many are expecting to see things taken to a new level. Social media was predictably popping off as the climax to this long-awaited storyline finally kicks off.

Now Phil knows, it’s probably just going to be a matter of waiting to see when some fists start getting thrown. Has Keanu been so reckless that he’ll get himself killed? What will happen to Sharon and her child?

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