Eastenders Mitchell family splits up

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When Keanu first came into Louise Mitchell’s life, most viewers thought the dishy handyman was a catch. Further down the line, the situation with the homewrecker has escalated and shattered the Mitchell family to pieces.

After impregnating both Louise and Sharron, who’s married to Phil, Martin Fowler faked his death and let the idea spread through Walford that he’d been murdered.

Actress Tilly Keeper, who plays Louise, announced towards the tail end of 2019 that she’d be leaving the show. Viewers have seen her emotional and mental state spiral as she dealt with the guilt and despair of what she thought happened to her child’s father. After almost smothering her own child and failing to keep the (false) secret, her time on the show ended in classic London style, with Phil, Lisa and daughter Peggy in the back of a black cab.

Ben Mitchell almost came with the family but decided to stay at the last minute. Initially planning to leave, Phil’s son got emotional as he bid farewell to Lola, Lexi and Jay. With him and Phil only just having been released from custody for the suspected murder of Keanu, it was figured that it was the time to leave with the family for Portugal. In the end, he couldn’t go through with it though. His relationship with Callum has been rocky as of late, to say the least, but when he caught sight of him in the Square, he knew he couldn’t go. As Louise worded it “Ben has a reason to stay, I don’t.”

Whilst Louise and Lisa have reportedly been written out of the storyline for good, viewers can expect Phil’s return to continue life in Walford with his son.

Whether that’ll be continued as life before Keanu or as fugitives, fans are yet to find out.

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