Eastenders’ Lisa stops Louise from a terrible mistake

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Eastender’s Lisa Fowler walked into a horrible sight when she caught her daughter just before it seemed like she was going to kill baby Peggy.

Louise Mitchell’s start to being a teen mum has proved unmanageable, as she’s had to simultaneously deal with the shock of what happened with Keanu over Christmas.

Finding out that Keanu had been cheating on her with her mum-in-law, and gotten her pregnant, was always likely to leave her in a poor mental state.

On top of that, she ended up scheming with dad Phil and brother Ben to kill him. Her role as bait to help Martin Fowler kill Keanu now means the initial despair she would’ve felt at the affair has now been layered with overwhelming guilt.

The fact that Keanu has actually been snuck out of the country by Martin with Linda Carter help doesn’t seem to be reaching many people’s ears very soon. Viewers are worried that Louise’s mental state will only continue to decline unless the truth comes out.

Friend Bex Fowler came to Louise to help her but ended up similarly concerned about her well-being.

Baby Peggy had been crying uncontrollably and Louise couldn’t see a rational explanation. At one point she concluded that it was because Peggy ‘hated her’ because of what she’d done.

Unable to understand why her child was acting so distraught, Louise finally grabbed her pillow to silence the child. As she moved towards her daughter, viewers watched in horror thinking that Peggy might be about to kill her own child.

Luckily, Lisa arrived just in time. Trying to knock on the front door to check on Louise and only being met by the baby’s cries, Lisa rushed around to get in through the back and caught Louise just in time.

Hopefully, Louise can get some help before anything worse happens.

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