EastEnders’ Linda is spiralling out of control

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EastEnders viewers are increasingly worried about Linda’s wellbeing, as her mental health threatens to take her physical health down with her.

After Linda and Mick waited for ages to get Ollie’s autism diagnosis to come through, the news turned out to be too much for the distressed mum. Such news would be stressful for any parent but combined with the money problems piling up, things seem to be spiralling. Her drinking has now reached seriously worrying levels.

Mick’s health problems are just another thing that heaps up to weigh Linda down. It also doesn’t do any favours in allowing Mick to support. Her reluctance to let him in on the struggles she’s experiencing does her no favours and will only make things harder for Mick to help with when he finally finds out what she’s going through.

The consequences of her behaviours have started to catch up with her as a court banned her from driving. Whilst on a school run Linda clumsily hit a parked car and tried to drive off unnoticed. Unfortunately for her, another mum spotted the accident and reported it.

When Linda got the news that she’d been found guilty and banned from driving, she went straight back to the bottle. Viewers are concerned things might get even worse if she keeps reacting poorly to the problems that she gets herself into.

Chantelle at least is a friend she can rely on for now. Having someone to confide in is certainly helpful for Linda, but Chantelle isn’t comfortable with keeping the secrets from Mick. She’s warned that if he starts questioning things, she’ll have to reveal the drink and other problems going on.

It might turn out that Mick’s actions decide whether things start looking up or down for Linda. Hopefully, he can approach the situation in a way that helps her get back on her feet. If they can’t work it out, something awful may happen.

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