Eastenders’ Leo and Kush in race to convince police of the others’s fault

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After Kush ran to Whitney’s defence last night, it looks like a moment of madness may cost him his freedom.

As people have increasingly stepped to Whitney’s defence in the face of Leo’s harassment, Tony Parker’s son has shown no signs of relenting.

Even after his brief arrest, Whitney’s rejected fling instantly got close and personal with Whitney against her will again.

When Kush stepped in it looked like he was just trying to keep Whitney safe. Out of nowhere though, a small push saw Leo tip over the balcony edge. Viewers were left hanging, wondering whether Whitney’s stalker was still alive.

Tonight’s episode began with Whitney comforting Leo as he lay on the pavement, alive but in pain. The compassion she showed him caught viewers off-guard after his intimidating treatment of her.

When the ambulance arrived, Leo clearly wasn’t in a good way. He seemed likely to pull through, though.

Immediately, the group who’d just been celebrating his arrest started planning. Technically, Kush had pushed him off a balcony, but it was clear to anyone watching it was an act of defence.

Despite the group frantically clamouring for a story to keep Kush out of prison when the police arrived they had no interest in stories.

Kat tried to step in at first but stood down when Kush calmed her and she realised there’d be no use in her also getting arrested too.

Although he was handcuffed and taken away, we don’t know who’ll end up behind bars yet.

Leo’s clearly started to manipulate the police to create a narrative in which he’s been the victim throughout. Kush meanwhile can honestly claim that witnesses saw him step to Whitney’s defence.

Whitney has shown moments of inner conflict though, and viewers may have to wait for her to say something definitive before they now what will happen next.

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