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Earning money online is one of the most popular web searches of the current decade. It started as a small fad but unlike most fads, it never went away. Millions of people successfully earn a living from their home every day by online jobs and free competitions. Millions of people also attempt to earn a living from their home every day but fail. There are plenty of legit opportunities to earn money online but there are just as many scams and cons that will try to trick you into thinking you are going to make money online and they just end up taking your money. If you really want to earn a living from your house, you need to learn of the dangers that will approach you and also the honest ways that you can earn a living on the internet.

To be safe, let’s start with the dangers that are guaranteed to approach and tempt you. When searching for ways to make money on the web, avoid anything that charges you a fee to begin. If you got a job at Home Depot, they wouldn’t make you pay them to start working there and neither should any online-based company. Websites that pay you to take surveys and participate in focus groups used to be very popular. Due to their overwhelming popularity, too many people tried to create survey based companies and now the internet is flooded with lousy survey sites that pay minimum wage less than 1% of the time. For that reason alone you should avoid all survey sites.

If you have some computer skills, there are some very easy ways you can earn money online. Using programs like Google AdSense you can get paid without doing any work at all…sort of. However, that’s not completely true because for AdSense to really pay off you need to have a website and be able to drive traffic to it. Certain websites will allow you to create a website for free and then you will just have to pay hosting, which is usually a little more than $10 per month. This is not like what I mentioned above where you pay for a job because the hosting company is not hiring you. They are providing you a service by allowing people from all over the world access to your website. Once you have your website, advertise by word of mouth and other inexpensive ways to bring people to your website. Every time someone clicks on an ad on your site, you get paid! If you build a successful website, the money will add up.

Another way to earn money online is to sell books on Amazon. This is something that is very simple to do and involves no startup costs. Books can be found all over the place and large amounts of books can often be obtained for free. Amazon encourages book sellers to join forces with them and if enough effort is put in, this method of making money on the internet is highly profitable. Remember; never pay a company or person for any kind of online job because if it was legit, they wouldn’t be charging you anything. Keep it simple and the profit opportunities are endless.

This leads me to the final option; enter all the free competitions to win big money online and then sell your winnings. You may not win much but you can keep the prizes or sell them for cash. There are also many instant cash games which give you free credit to start with. You should give it a go!

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