Drama at Whitney and Callums wedding as Bianca goes missing

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This week we will see some wedding drama, as Whitney gets dressed up in a beautiful pink wedding dress, as she goes to marry Callum.  However as always with Eastenders, nothing will go smoothly!

We see the return of Bianca for the wedding, played by Patsy Palmer.  She has returned to help celebrate Whitney’s marriage, however she goes missing before the ceremony. Whitney is absolutely furious after learning of Bianca’s disappearance.  Eastenders have teased us that this will not be the only chaos in store for Whitney on her big day.

Elsewhere on the square we will see the return of Hunter, out on the escape from prison.  Hunter takes a massive risk by returning to the square to his mother, Mel, who comes face to face with her killer son.

Mel was horrified when she found out that Hunter had escaped prison, and was urged by the police to work with them.  Mel went to seek some legal advice from Gray, but is then shocked to find Hunter hiding under a desk in the office at E20.

Mel then launches a cunning plan to try and sneak Hunter out of the club unnoticed, but will all go to plan…

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