Downton Abbey Lined Up for Season 5 in the UK

ITV has announced that Downton Abbey will be back for Season 5 in the U.K.  Ghe announcement secures the series for another year to the applause of her many fans. Downton Abbey has become a favorite of U.S. fans as well, but it will always be most welcome right here in her mother country.


Looks like everyone’s favorite British aristocrats and their servants will be around for another season after the one that is currently airing. “Downton Abbey” has received an order for a fifth season from the United Kingdom network ITV.

Production will begin in 2014 for Season 5, with the season presumably beginning its run in the fall, the same as with each previous season. The U.S. run of Season 5 would then begin in early 2015. Creator Julian Fellowes and executive producer Gareth Neame will continue to helm the series.

Neame promises of Season 5, “All the usual highs and lows, romance, drama and comedy.”

Season 4 of the popular period drama is airing currently in the U.K., with the season finale airing Sunday, Nov. 10 and then the annual holiday special airing Christmas Day. Season 4 begins airing in the U.S. on Jan. 5, 2014.

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Downton Abbey has matured into a wonderful television series with it’s own highly cultivated viewing crowd. The announcement of a Season 5 will thrill the ears of all her supporters. My wife is really into the series and I’ll be joining her, with you!

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