Does Simon Cowell want to replace Britain’s Got Talent judges?

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During the last round of auditions for the Britain’s Got Talent competition, held in Birmingham, things got a tense due to a disagreement between Simon Cowell and David Walliams, and the girls. It seems that Alesha and Amanda wanted to let an act go through but the two disagreed. This escalated to Cowell threatening to replace one of the ladies with his ex-lover Carmen Electra.

During the arguing over the dancing act, Simon asked Amanda “What is the matter with you?”, her replying defiantly “ We’ve had enough of the boys”. David tried to calm down the spirits but Amanda burst at him too saying: You’ve butched up this year and you’re always on Simon’s side now. Simon continued and told Amanda: Maybe we’ve reached that point where we’ve had enough of each other.

This made Alesha and Amanda storm off the stage, in front of the whole audience. They left the guys to handle the auditions by themselves, till the next break from filming. And it was during this break that Simon apparently threatened one of the girls to replace her with the Baywatch starlet Carmen Electra. It’s not hard to guess which one after everything that went down.

When the ladies returned to their judging seats, Alesha tried to diffuse the tension by making a joke, saying they are a “real dysfunctional family”.

A source from the show told the Metro newspaper that: The audience were all gobsmacked when Alesha and Amanda stormed out of the auditorium but the girls stood their ground as they felt very passionate about the act. They were thrilled they got their way in the end. The panel were all getting along great in the second session so they obviously all made up over dinner.

After all this we can only hope that the four really act like a dysfunctional family that fights and makes up, but they still respect and care about each other, because , otherwise is going to a tensed season.

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