Dickinson’s Real Deal competition – win cash : £5,200 (Thursday)

Dickinsons Real Deal competition question - 15.11.12
Dickinson’s Real Deal competition question – 15.11.12

Closing date for online entries is 21st November 2012 at 5pm

Which Italian city is world famous for its canals and gondolas?

A: Naples
B: Venice
C: Turin

– we think B!

Enter Dickinson’s Real Deal competition 3 Times

You can enter the Real Deal competition 3 times for each phone number you have. Make sure you enter the correct details as the cheque will only be made out in the winning entrants name. It’s always a big cash prize on the David Dickinson show and by entering online at itv.com you save the costs incurred through text an phone calls.

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As usual there was a lot of bickering over prices, with many opting to go to Auction, hoping the cash would fund alsorts of things including trips to Australia. The prize auction was for a reproduction statue which was was estimated to be worth £260-350, the hammer went down for £270 and David Dickinson declared it “not good enough for a competition prize”.

Winning The Cash Prize

As David says, “you gotta be in it to win it”, so shimmy on down to itv.com and enter your details 3 times – don’t enter via text or phonecall as it will cost you more than £1! Every day ITV competitions provides the question, answer and link to the Real Deal competition…so check back daily!


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