Dickinsons Real Deal competition – win cash : £6,000 (Tuesday)

Dickinsons Real Deal competition – 04.09.12

Closing date for online entries is 10th September 2012 at 5pm

Someone who talks excessively is said to talk the hind legs off a …

A: hare
B: frog
C: donkey

– we think C!

It’s an accumulator week! Every day the winning cash prize gets bigger and bigger. So far it is at £6,000…imagine what it will be on Friday!

You can enter the Dickinsons Real Deal competition three times with te same telephone number.

Win Big Money with Dickinsons Accumulator Prize…

Every month or so the Dickinsons real Deal TV show operate an “accumulator” week, whereby the cash prize on Monday starts off modestly & gets bigger & bigger over the course of the week. This is one of those weeks & we have seen huge cash prizes already. Starting with a rather large £4,000 on Monday and now up to £6,000 on Tuesday – we’re not even half-way there!

At this rate Friday is going to be a whopper cash jackpot!

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