Diana Vickers brightens up This Morning

Diana Vickers
Diana Vickers

The successful singer made a cheery appearance on the show to talk about her up and coming projects.

Diana Vickers, ex X Factor contestant and talented singer made an appearance on ITV’s This Morning last week to talk about what’s going on in her life.

Looking very pretty and perfectly autumnal the singer talked about her new projects such as starring in a new West End Play. Now we know Vickers for her X Factor success and pop star performances, and let’s be honest, did not expect her to be performing in a play about…politics. But hey it is always good to step out of your comfort zone!

All cozied up in her faux fur vintage jacket the beautiful blonde happily chatted about her expectations for the show and her love of theatre. In fact the 22 year old seemed genuinely excited about stepping away from her image as a chart topping pop princess and seemed to be looking forward to trying something new.

The play, called The Duck House is a brand new comedy for the West End. It circles around the very hotly discussed topic of MPs expenses focusing on the Brown era of  2009 and the increasingly humorous breakdown of the Government as a General Election looms.

The play also has an all-star cast. Not only is Vickers starring but the male lead has been cast as Ben Miller, who is best known for his role in the hilarious TV programme Armstrong and Millar. Terry Johnson is directing the play which is good news as he is a hot talent having previously won a Tony & Oliver Award for his work. Writers Dan Patterson (Mock The Week) and Colin Swash (Have I Got News For You) promise a fast paced scripts with plenty of clever humor and witty repartee.

We are sure with these people behind it the play is sure to be a massive hit. It has been running at the Vaudeville Theatre in bustling Covent Garden from the end of November –get your tickets now!

Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org