Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers on ITV

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Viewers were dissapointed with ITV’s documentary about the gold and diamond trade in London. It seems the content didn’t live up to the billing. The show was bogged down by boring stories with little substance. The show offered nothing to get excited about at all. After having viewed it, nobody was encouraged to become a jewelry dealer and I doubt if anyone gained respect for what jewelry makers do so well.

Diamond Geezers
Jewellery maker Michael Lynton on Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers

ITV’s documentary about London’s gold and diamond trade was a collection of underwhelming, low-key tales, says Terry Ramsey.

It must have seemed like a good idea to make a documentary about the intriguing, often secretive work of people in the gold and diamond trade in London’s Hatton Garden.
And, sure enough, Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers (ITV) started promisingly, when it introduced the area and told us: “Inside every safe there’s probably a diamond… and behind every diamond there’s a story.”
It’s just a shame that in the ensuing 50-odd minutes they didn’t find an interesting one.
So we ended up with a collection of low-key tales: among them, Steve, a guy who buys and sells gold, but makes so little money that he travels around antique shops looking for worthwhile buys; and Michael, a chirpy bespoke jewellery maker, who works in a windowless basement.
The most memorable story featured 25-year-old Leigh. Described as a “gold reclamation specialist”, she collects fragments of gold from unusual places – such as old teeth. She deals with sacks of extracted molars and canines, so any gold fillings can be reclaimed. The clear plastic bags rattling with hundreds of decaying teeth looked like something from a horror film. “The one’s with blood are the most disgusting,” said Leigh, with masterful understatement.

Finish this article here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/tv-and-radio-reviews/10987843/Diamond-Geezers-and-Gold-Dealers-ITV-review-a-space-filler.html Maybe the jewelry trade isn’t the most exciting subject to build a documentary around, or more appropriately, maybe ITV didn’t put enough planning and storyboarding in to this one. But the verdict is in. Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers won’t win any awards and certainly didn’t get fans to want a replay or a second edition. No, this was a rare loser for ITV who more often than not puts hard work and tremendous insight into the shows they produce.

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