Delve In For Prizes At Dickinsons Real Deal Competition

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Among the television programs shown in Britain, Dickinsons Real Deal Competition aired on ITV is majorly different from its contemporary shows. This TV program is actually a  reality show which deals with collection of antiques and swapping collectibles. Do you have some old items which you want to discard in an appropriate manner or you want to win some lucrative prizes? Then Dickinsons Real Deal Competition is a must watch for you. This show is hosted by David Dickinson and presents some pretty interesting prospects. It is shown on ITV1 in the morning with a second telecast on ITV3 for the disappointed viewers who may have missed the initial broadcast.

This program invites people who have antique products to come and show the stuff if they want to sell them. The dealers assess the worth of the goods and then hand them over to professional dealers who buy them at cash prices. In this manner your prized items need not be added to the trash can and you end up earning a nice profit, thanks to the Dickinsons Real Deal Competition. It is a bonus addition that David Dickinson, the anchor is an expert on antique items and can obtain good deals for the people. The individuals who sell their wares have the option of holding an auction as well to get the best deal or accepting the offer made by the dealer.

More Details On Dickinson’s Real Deal Competition

The  major merit of this program is the ITV prizes the audience would get to win if they are lucky enough. The questions are pretty basic with multiple options . The participant needs to be at least eighteen years of age. The contest query is called out many times during the show. In case the user has missed his due edition of the Dickinsons Real Deal Competition he need not get demotivated. The internet is just a click away for him to find what he needs.

The cash price for the day would be the same amount as the sale price of the specific item of that particular day which may be quite a lot! If you are wondering how to enter the competition and win a prize then it is quite simple. The applicant can send smses or log online. However on the internet there can be a limited number of three entries for each phone number. So hurry if you wish to win this competition as it closes at a specific time .

Concluding Summary On Dickinsons Real Deal Competition

dickinsons-real-deal-competition-questionThis program definitely stands out from the current contest shows on ITV and of course the fact that the anchor is an antique expert is an encouraging prospect in itself for both dealers and sellers. The person enjoys a chance to be in the limelight, disposes of his antique stuff in a productive manner and earns some money as well. So the next time you want to sell any old goods be sure to do it through the Dickinsons Real Deal Competition.


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