Daybreak & Lorraine competition – win cash : £31,000

ITV Daybreak & Lorrain competition question - 22.10.12
ITV Daybreak & Lorraine competition question – 22.10.12

Competition closes for entries online at 12.00 p.m. on Thursday 1 November 2012

Where is a ‘tiara’ traditionally worn?

A: around the waist
B: below the ankle
C: on the head

– we think C!

A great cash prize this week with no restrictions – spend it as you please!

Daybreak & Lorraine competition : six chances to win!

You can enter this itv competition up to six times per phone number for free at That’s right; six free entries for every telephone number. ITV generally allow more than one entry per phone number, it varies from show to show and competition to competition, however for Daybreak and Lorraine it is usually six times. We’ll check the terms and conditions each week so you can maximise your chances of winning! You can read the full terms and conditions here. Either way, make sure you enter online as its FREE. If you wish to receive notifications of other big prize TV competitions simply subscribe to our Google Feedburner below!

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Daybreak, Lorraine & The X Factor Contestants

As you know, every Monday, Lorraine interviews the act which left the X Factor 2012 contest. This week, sadly, it was MK1; we didn’t expect them to win, however they should certainly have been in the competition a lot longer than some others *cough* *cough*. MK1 were entertaining, talented AND different. Typical British television talent contests. Boo! The pair were looking pretty good considering they hadn’t been to bed yet and we have to agree with their view that James Arthur should be the X Factor 2012 winner; he is awesome (we also really really like Lucy Spraggan – crackin!). It would be great to see Lucy & James do a song or two 🙂

We also publish the X Factor competition question and answers every week! Don’t miss it – the prizes are always HUGE! This week you can win a VIP Twilight weekend, Volvo car & £20,000 cash!

Daybreak News

Most of today’s news focused around BBC Jimmy Savile, and with interviews from various people who previously worked with him, there was also an interview with the daughter of Christopher Halliwell (the taxi driver who murdered young clubbers he picked up) and one of the victims fathers. Thankfully there was a couple of light hearted interviews being thrown in such as the X Factor duo MK1 and an interesting chat with Michael Palin regarding his trip to Brazil (being  shown on BBC1).

ITV Lorraine

Going through the newspapers we know that national lottery winners on average spend around £46,000 on a car, £900,000 on a home, they take a £7,000 holiday & either keep on their current jobs (or do volunteer work). Interestingly lottery winners also give a lot away to friends and family; 3,000 lottery winners interviewed had made over 4,000 additional millionaires…and 300 of them bought a caravan. There was a giggle about Pipa Middleton who talked about the fame of her bottom. The soldiers also arrived in for a chat about their new album and Women of the Year was about to come on (at which point I had to leave for work!!). After all the (usually horrible) Monday morning news, we love the light-hearted tone of Lorraine!

Daybreak & Lorraine Competition Reminder

This week the original itv competition was presented by Lucy Jo Hudson from Leeds castle, she told us you could win £31,000 tax free cash prize to warm up your bank balance. Seasonal sun or home and wardrobe? Put the cash towards Christmas and stop worrying about winter bills. This Daybreak competition (or Lorraine competition!) is pure cash! Texts & calls cost over £1, but entry online at is FREE.


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