Coronation Street: Davids involved in a prison riot, and someone gets stabbed…

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Shona has been through the mill recently, with David Platt going into prison, and Shona ending up looking after Max, Davids son. Max has proven to be a handful as he’ s been lashing out and has been up to mischief. Folks on the street have thought that Shona is to blame for Maxs behaviour, however this latest drama may be more than she can take!.

The drama takes place in the prison with David, where a riot breaks out. David is trying his best to stay out of trouble and stay out of what’s happening, so he immediately goes back to his cell, however fellow prisoner Abe, takes his chance to grab rapist Josh, and drag him into Davids cell. Abe hands David a pair of scissors and insistently tells David to do want he wants with the guy who raped him. David asks Abe to leave, so he can get alone with Josh, but is this so he can exact his revenge….

On the outside, Shona finds out about the riot from the news, but her mind is calmed when David ends up phoning her to let her know he’s ok. Her relief is short-lived when she later finds out that Josh has been stabbed and David is pleading with her to find a lawyer…

David is denying that he had anything to do with the stabbing, however Max finds a video of the riot where David is since standing nearby a stabbed Josh, who is seen collapsed on the floor. David is aghast to find out that Max has seen a video of this, but he still pleads his innocence in the whole thing. Will Shona believe him, or is this the last straw for the couple?

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