David Tennant Being Considered for The Professionals Action Movie

We’ve heard rumours that David Tennant is being considered for a role in an action movie called The Professionals. You may recognize the name. The Professionals was a crime drama, and although Broadchurch is a crime drama and very popular, I can’t wait to see David Tennant in an actual action movie.

David Tennant
The Mirror are claiming that David Tennant is being considered for a role in the new cinematic adaptation of classic crime TV series The Professionals.

The ITV series ran for six years from 1977 and starred Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw in the roles of Bodie and Doyle. The film will be produced by Lionsgate UK and Eighth Wonder Pictures and by the original show’s creator Brian Clemens, who is currently seeking the right stars to fill the roles of the iconic tough guy CI5 agents. He said:

“It’s going to be a big action movie. The script is done and now we are looking at casting. There are some big names being talked about, we just have to make sure they are available. Getting the right people is very important, because the show means a lot to the fans.”

Read more at: http://tennantnews.blogspot.com/2013/07/david-tennant-linked-to-professionals.html

David Tennant in an action movie. Now that sounds better to me than a crime drama (sorry ITV, I was bored with Broadchurch). I look forward to this move, how about you?  Visions of David Tennant from Dr. Who start to emerge… only more serious!

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