Dancing on Ice contestant Luke Campbell says he has” a glove-hate relationship with Jason”

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It seems that Jason Gardiner’s photo might land on a punching bag, and not just some punching bag…Luke Campbell’s, the Olympic boxing champion, punch bag. Luke got really angry on last week’s show, after judge Jason told him that he has “an attitude problem”. So the contestant admitted that he would like to take out his anger by imagining Jason’s face on the punchbag. I’ve got a punchbag at the rink and after training I’ll have a good session on it. It’s brilliant for venting frustration — you go there and just let everything out, Luke said. After last weekend, I wanted to put a picture of Jason’s face on the bag but I haven’t found one yet.

The judge’s cutting comments have really made Luke upset, especially the one regarding his attitude problem, because his career is all about taking criticism, and he knows how to recognize a constructive critique. But there is difference between that and an insult.

I don’t have an attitude problem and I can take constructive criticism — I’ve taken it all my career. That’s how I’ve got to be the best I can be at what I do. Boxing can be the best sport in the world, but it can also be the worst.

I’ve had coaches so tough they blow Jason out of the water — some of them have even made me cry.

But I’ve taken their comments on the chin, got up and become the best amateur boxer in British history. It proves who you are when you’re at your lowest — not when you’re winning. So I know I can take criticism. What I have a problem with is taking insults

Luke’s partner is pro Jenna Smith, and last Sunday he scored his highest mark of the series, a 24.5, for their routine on Train’s Drive By. He admitted that it wasn’t just Jason’s comments that irritated him. He felt that everyone in the panel scored him harsh, taking into consideration the fact that his routine had some awkward moves.

I got praise for my lift — but only after I mentioned it. Did it add to my points? I don’t know .It can be frustrating because you’re doing a lot. But I’ll come back stronger this week.

My skating is improving all the time — my scores have got consistently higher since the first show. Luke added: I’m not sure if other skaters get more sympathy, but I don’t begrudge them their scores because they are all brilliant. They deserve good scores and it doesn’t bother me if I’m at the bottom of the leader board because I’m genuinely delighted for them. I’m only competitive against myself.

But despite all this feelings he really enjoys the skating contest. For this week’s edition he’s been working with his partner Jenna and choreographer Christopher Dean on a routine that involves using a chair.

The hardest challenge for him is being away from his family, fiancé Lynsey Kraanen and their two kids, Leo and Lincoln.

My family are used to me being away, but it is still tough to spend time apart. My little boy Leo is three and he tells Lynsey, ‘I’m going to see my daddy but you can’t come — it’ll just be me and daddy’. It’s difficult to hear that he has said things like that. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time at home after the show.

Lynsey and I are engaged, but we haven’t had time to set a date yet or even think about what kind of wedding we’d like.

He continued: I’m not entirely sure yet what’s next for me in my boxing career.

I need to decide whether to stick with amateur boxing or turn professional. I’m hoping to make the decision in the next few weeks.

But for the moment I’m concentrating on my skating. I’m really enjoying the show and I’m so grateful to the people who vote for me every week.

We can only hope that Luke will get some credit from Jason and this conflict will stop as soon as possible, and that we’ll get to see him up on the leader board.

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