Dancing on Ice Week 7’s Battle of the Sexes

Dancing on Ice hotted up this week with its apparent ‘battle of the sexes!’  The casualty? Suzanne Shaw is out! Notwithstanding, the show goes on to week 8 with all the contestants giving all they have.

Dancing on Ice Week 7 2014

The boys and the girls upped their game this week with the ultimate battle of the sexes on ice!

Ray scored straight tens (again!), Sam and Vicky found their happiness and Kyran survived the skate off for a second time.

Suzanne Shaw is out, but she said, “I finally got the result I have been waiting for. ”

Ray Quin’s comment was, “I’m speechless. We impressed Nicky, yay!”

Finally, Haley Tamaddon sad, “I’m a performer naturally, but I have to marry that with the technical.”

Check out all the pictures on the link below.

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Dancing on Ice Week 7, 2014, was exciting as ever and I hate to see anyone leave, but that’s the way the competition works. I don’t have a favourite at this point in time, how about you? Who do you think will be in the final of Dancing on Ice 2014?

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