Could both Mick and Linda be leaving Albert Square???

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Upcoming on Eastenders this week, both Mick and Linda are now under a lot of strain, as they found out their son Ollie could have autism.  Mick had been trying to get the money for Ollie’s autism assessment, as well as keeping the Queen Vic running.

It’s all starting to take its toll on Mick, who we see collapsing, however he leaves hospital without waiting for proper medical care.  Linda, played by Kellie Bright, rings as he is leaving and tells Mick she has received some bad news, and he needs to come home immediately.

A couple years back, we saw Linda deal with breast cancer, so has it returned???

A lot of fans are trying to guess what is about to happen, is the bad news about son Ollie, or is it about Linda herself. 

Later as reported earlier on soap spoilers, we see Mick collapse as a childrens football game, so is it all over for our favourite pub landlord, Mick.

The couple are also about to find out that the assessment that Ollie needs, could be a few months away, as he is put on a long waiting list, so this may be what Linda was referring too.

Elsewhere on Eastenders, Phil is back for revenge, as we see him confront Kat Moon over his attack . Phil was left fighting for his life, but it was Stacey Fowler who gave the final blow to his head with a wrench. However Ben has been scheming to try and get Keanu framed for the attack. Both Stacey and Keanu ended up fleeing from the square, scared they were about to face jail time.

Phil is convince Kat knows more than she’s letting on, but will she reveal anything?

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