Coronation Street spoiler: What lies ahead for Jan Lozinski

In this week ahead, what lengths will Jan Lozinski played by Piotr Baumann, go to, to keep his secrets safe. The latest spoilers that have been released, have revealed that Eileen Grimshaw finds out Jans secret, that he was involved in human trafficking. This knowledge may now have put Eileen in danger as she will be trapped between Jan and other human trafficker Nikolai. Eileen is then left heartbroken, as Jan tells her he’s a cheat and a liar, and declares he never cared for her. A fight will ensue and Eileen’s phone smashed so she is unable to make any calls for help. Will Eileen survive?

We see the Police smash into the salon to arrest all of them and take them to the Police station. An innocent Eileen, is questioned by the Police but later released without charge. However she is left convinced that Jan is guilty. Seb was the instigator on getting the Police to raid the salon.

Also in this weeks show Claudia announces that all her plans have changed and she is moving into her flat. Ken hides his disappointment of her decision.
Rita talks to Ken to encourage him to talk more honestly with Claudia, as its clear to Rita that they will miss each other.

Gary is missing money from his desk drawers which he suspects Ryan has taken, after Ryan having an apparent windfall. Gary threatens to call the Police however Ryan finally admits he didn’t realise the money was Gary’s.  Ryan agrees to pay Gary back the money with interest.

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