Coronation Street addresses important issue on skin whitening through Asha

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Coronation Street is about to tackle a very sensitive and important issue in the youth of today, in a storyline involving Asha Alahan, played by Tanisha Gorey.  This is a rarely covered story, but it involves the topic of illegal skin whitening creams. We will find out in this weeks episodes, that Asha is using these creams, and Dev will discover what has been happening when the cream falls out of her bag.

It seems that whilst Asha was in India, she became fixated with wanting to lighten her skin tone. This is because there is such a big culture of it happening in India, so why wouldn’t she want to do it back in the UK.  In India a lot of the Bollywood actresses sponsor the whitening creams, which makes it seem normal to do. She thinks she wants to be as pretty as them, so what is the harm in it.

Asha has very low self-esteem and thinks that the whitening cream will make her feel a lot better, and get attention from the boys at school and get the part in school plays she thinks she wants. Asha thinks if she changes herself, she will get more of all that.  She doesn’t think she can talk to her dad about everything, as she doesn’t know how to answer all the questions he’ll probably have for her.

Actress Tanisha, is hoping that addressing this storyline will help bring attention to the subject. She has been working with Rethink mental Illness Bristol and the British Skin Foundation to find out the details of the issue.

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