Corden makes jibe out of Late Late Show accusations

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It was recently revealed that James Corden’s infamous Carpool Karaoke is not exactly what it’s presented as. Whilst viewers have been under the impression that Corden is genuinely driving the car whilst performing with his guests, leaked video footage revealed that in fact the car is being towed along by a trailer.

Viewers have always been sceptical of the show in which the ex-Gavin and Stacey star sits with various music megastars pretending to drive around whilst singing popular hits with them. James Corden and Mariah Carey singing along to All I Want for Christmas together is believable if one can think Mariah isn’t tired of the song by now. Migos, on the other hand, seem like an unlikely trio to choose to sit in the car with Corden as he tries to rap.

Some have pointed out that the money-making these interactions happen already give Corden’s excessively bubbly performances an inauthentic feeling. What few people could argue with is the idea that Corden’s ability to sing songs almost word-for-word whilst driving is impressive.

With the news that the driving isn’t real either slipping out though, Corden took to Twitter to make a joke of the revelation.

He tweeted a picture of him and Samuel L Jackson wigged up in front of a CGI screen with the caption “guys, we don’t even use a real car”.

Fans are still likely to tune in to the Late Late Show where even if the performances aren’t always fully authentic, people can see some of their favourite celebs perform.

The show’s producers, however, have downplayed the accusations, with Ben Winston saying it’s only used for “stunts”. Most viewers would be hard-pressed to find a section with a stunt at all.

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