Confrontation in this week’s Coronation Street spoilers

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The double life being led by Rob is set to come to a head next week as Michelle finally confronts him. After manipulatively telling Michelle and Vicky that he was only seeing one of them, Michelle recently caught on when he unwittingly let down his guard after being in a brutal traffic accident.

Michelle plans to call him out whilst the two are getting married to humiliate him as much as possible. Rob will deliver some heartfelt and touching vows during the ceremony, but we don’t know yet whether it’ll be enough to win Michelle around. Since he’s not only been seeing but also got a baby on the way with Vicky, he’s got a huge task on his hands to make her forgive him.

Another thing playing on Michelle’s mind at the same time will probably be the fact that Vicky is missing. Her disappearance is reason for suspicion anyway, but Rob asserting so confidently that she wouldn’t interrupt the proceedings certainly hints that he’s done something to Vicky.

Vicky’s daughter Tyler has clearly got a similar, as we know he’ll confront Robert. Tyler knows the two have been arguing and is suspicious that something awful may have happened to his mum at the hands of Robert. There is little proof past the suspicions so far, so we shouldn’t take anything for certain yet.

Things could turn out in completely different ways for the bistro boss. On one hand, he may end up happily married to Michelle if his vows do the trick and Vicky turns out to be okay. On the other, he may lose both lovers and be found out for doing something awful to his future baby mother.

Either way, there’s sure to be drama.

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