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Mandy has been doing her investigating the past few weeks, and want Lydia to have a chance to reconnect with her sister Beth who is her long-lost sister.  So Mandy decides to make a bold entrance and push her way into Beths house, only to find Agatha, who is Lydias mum, is still alive!

So it’s now been revealed that Beth had been lying all along about her mother Agatha, and she had also been lying to Agatha herself. Agatha ends up asking Mandy to take her to meet Lydia, but this leaves Mandy wondering if she is doing the right thing.

Mandy takes Agatha to the Dingles house, where she meets Lydia, who has been very nervous about confronting her past. Agatha says to Lydia that she never stopped thinking about her. Agatha tries to makes amends with Lydia about the past, but starts to upset Lydia when she keeps calling her Jenny.

Agatha then has some bad news to tell Lydia. Agatha lets Lydia know that her father had died of Huntingtons disease, and this condition is hereditary so she may also have this condition.

Elsewhere, someone else who has an illness in the family is Sarah. She is being a rebellious teenager, and acting out in dangerous ways. Her illness means that she could have a short life, so she is more tempted to make dangerous decisions.

She acts out at a party along with Danny and Jayden who give her a pill which she swallows. With her heart condition, has she just seriously done damage to herself?

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