Colby and Mackenzie are getting close again, but will Bella stop them?

Aspiring romance writer with a number of short stories being published May 2020 and freelance reporter on all things UK. Guilty pleasures are soap and celebrity gossip and 80's cheese ; think A-ha and Nick Kershaw.

Back on home and Away, Bella is feeling let down by her brother Colby. Colby is Bellas older brother, and has been striking a romantic connection with Mackenzie. Mackenzie had actually dumped Colby after only a few dates, as she felt like she couldn’t cope dating a Police officer, as she would always be worried about his safety.

This week see’s Colby try to talk around Mackenzie, to convince her that Police life in Summer Bay is really quite quiet and she would have nothing to worry about. It feels like Mackenzie might be coming round to his way of thinking, however Bella isn’t happy at the prospect of the couple getting back together again. Bella starts to act out again and become rebellious, by having angry outbursts at Colby. This makes Colby realise that it might be for the best to keep Mackenzie at a distance, as to not upset his sister.

However a sensible Willow, tells Colby that he shouldn’t give up, on what could be a great relationship with Mackenzie, just to keep his sister happy. Colby starts to think she’s right, and ends up kissing Mackenzie, but the two are caught by Bella. Again Bella has an outburst and shouts at the two of them, that Mackenzie is going to ruin everything. Will Colby give in to his sister?

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